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Coventry CAMPUS

"I recommend studying English in the Oakswood College because Oakswood is focused in every important area of English, such as reading, writing, grammar and communication. Moreover, Oakswood allows the student to interact with native speakers, helping you to develop a good listening of English. Oakswood also offers many activities besides English classes. For example, travel, parties, etc. They helped me to improve my English also I completed my Level 3 Diploma in Business Studies with Oakswood College which helped me to get admission in the University. College prepare my file for University admission which was really great effort. Finally Oakswood College will be a good experience that I dare you to live."




Coventry CAMPUS

"I worked as a waitress in a restaurant when I came to UK, I joined Oakswood College to improve my English. I have to admit that Oakswood College Teachers are one of the best when it comes to English Language. They treat you like a friend, I improved my English and applied for better jobs now I am working as a duty manager. If you think the life of Coventry is boring, don't worry about that. As you know, Coventry City is full of activities to do like sports events, artistic exhibitions, performances and movies. Living in Coventry City is absolutely not boring! Another benefit from the Oakswood College is cultural diversity. There are lot of international students here so you can meet many friends from different countries."




Coventry CAMPUS

"One of my friend told me about Oakswood College, I learned new things from each of my classes. What I learned here was completely different from what I learned in my country. We studied English as a subject which is required to enter university, but here I learned to think about the meaning of words deeply. Through those classes, I could see how the classes in university will be, because they were focused on more academic use of English and Basic English as well. I am in my second semester in Roehampton University doing Expended Degree in Business Management. Thank you to Oakswood College for changing my lifestyle and my career."



31 Years/ROMANIA

Coventry CAMPUS

"The only way to improve writing and reading ability is to read and write articles, as many as I could. I also learned how to organize an article from introduction, body to conclusion. I could not write such a long essay like this one half a year ago, but now I can. Because of Oakswood College, I see my progress in English. The same situation also happened in my grammar and communication skills class. Furthermore, in the communication skills class, I can make a 5 minute short speech in English in front of my classmates and teacher. Before I came here, it was impossible. Now I am doing Bachelor Degree in Business Management from University of Roehampton UK. Oakswood College made my dream a reality for me."




Coventry CAMPUS

"I have had my high school education from Portugal so I was not really offered great jobs when I came to UK. I got into working in salons to get experience. One of my friend told me about Oakswood College. I contacted them I was given free help and advice. I was eligible for funding to cover my University fee which I had been worried about. The College staff is very helpful and professional they gave me right guidance which I needed to get admission in the University. Now I am on a Beauty Therapy Degree and getting the qualification to pursue my dream"



Oakswood College

Oakswood College is a further and Higher Education College based Coventry. It is a non-profit organisation, specialising in the teaching and support of 18+ year old students. We take students from Coventry, the West Midlands and neighboring counties. In the past five years we had students from different countries of Europe as well as from UK.



Why Oakswood College

Oakwood's reputation is built upon excellent teaching, caring pastoral care and strong student challenges. We help students to achieve their full potential at the college and students go on to study at universities across the UK or get into full time employment once they have completed their studies. We have qualified and experienced teachers to teach according to your personal needs.

We are proud of our reputation as a respected independent English language study centre, treating every student with the care and personal attention they deserve. Oakswood College has been providing English language support to students from non English speaker countries since 2016. We are a recognize center for Tender Foundation and has funding for Basic English courses through learn my way English. We also provide support to English advance Levels including academic writing for higher Education, preparation classes for ESOL, Life in the UK, A1, A2, B1, B2 and IELTS.

Oakswood College is a further and higher education College providing education and training leading to vocational and academic qualifications from Level 3 to Level 7 for students from the UK, Europe and many other countries.

The College is located in a modern development of business premises and close to City Center. Excellent infrastructure and superb teaching facilities provide a good environment for an excellent student learning experience. We look forward to welcoming you to study English or other Higher Education Courses at Oakswood College and have experience to meet and learn with the students from UK, Europe and other countries.

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